Greek Bistro & Wine Bar


A new entry on the gastronomy map of Athens. Inspired by the main character of Federico Fellini's masterpiece "La Strada," Zampanò takes traditional Greek cuisine to a new level with modern, creative elements always based on fresh, seasonal ingredients from all around the country.

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"It's easier to be faithful to a restaurant than it is to a woman."
-Federico Fellini-



The ever-successful City Circus Hostel has raised the curtain on a Greek bistro & wine bar on the ground floor of its neoclassical building in the Theater District of Psirri. Taking clues from its turn-of-the-century architecture, the City Circus crew along with the designers Maurizio & Guiseppe Alito has managed once again to stir up a spicy soup of vintage romance with inventive industrial touches. Feast on creative and hearty Greek cuisine lovingly made with fresh local ingredients by the chef, Chryssa Kataki, as you rest on authentic Viennese and French café furniture. Or taste Greek wines under brass light sculptures and funky zebra wallpaper by an art-deco copper bar. In true City Cicus style, Zampano takes its name from Fellini’s tragi-comic hero in “La Strada,” a wandering street performer and a reckless lover. Daring feats, passion and art set the stage for great food.



+30 213 0233244


16 Sarri Street
Athens, 10553


Opening Hours

everyday except     Monday                    08:00am – 01:00am

breakfast - brunch - lunch 08:00am–17:00pm

dinner                      17:00pm–01:00am




Wine List By The Botle

Zampanó is in the heart of Athens, in the theatre district of Psirri. It is Located 5 min from Monastiraki and Thisio metro station.

18 Sarri St., Psirri 10553, Athens




Call +30 213 0233244 or book through email: zampano.athens@gmail.com.